Finding the Best Split System Air Conditioner for your Home!

Finding the Best Split System Air Conditioner for your Home!

03 Mar 21 | By Climate Master

Finding the Best Split System Air Conditioner for your Home!

Do you need help finding what type of Air-Conditioning might be best for you?

We are here to help!

Our team of experienced staff will be able to talk you through all of the factors to consider when looking for your new Split System heating/cooling solution.

Brands and Pricing

Here at Climate Master, we supply and install the top-quality brands such as, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Daikin!

To find out which brand of Split System will work best within your home, don’t hesitate to click our “Request a Quote” link on our Website! This will take you to an easy to fill form where our friendly sales team will organise for a quote to be sent to you within a few business days!

When sending in your quote request, please attach a copy of your floorplans and a photo of your electrical switchboard! If you can, mark on your floorplan which room you want to heat/cool and where you would like the unit placed. Keep in mind, the indoor unit needs to be on an external wall if possible, you can place the outdoor unit pretty much anywhere but the closer it is to the indoor unit, the lower the installation cost. By providing this information, it ensures that our Team can easily and accurately allocate the best size and brand that is suited to your home!

How Do You Complete A Split System Air-Conditioner Installation?

Once you have accepted your quote and paid your 50% deposit, our installations team will begin by allocating your task to our trained and experienced installers! Our team will keep you well informed in regards to the wait time for your installation. Please note that if you need your installation completed as soon as possible, you may want to consider accepting your quote in between the peak seasons! The further that we go into Canberra’s frosty Winter or scorching Summer, the longer the wait time may be!

On the day of your installation, our licensed refrigeration technician’s will attend to install all of the pipework required to connect and install the outdoor unit to the Indoor Unit. Our qualified electrician’s will follow closely to then provide power to your system. This is performed within approximately a few hours, yet it depends on the job. Our friendly team of installers will ensure that your new Split System is ready to provide all of your heating and cooling needs from the moment they walk out the door!

How Does A Split System Air-Conditioner Work?

A Reverse Cycle Split System does exactly what its name states; it can complete both heating and cooling cycles at the click of a button.

To explain how a Split System functions in a nutshell, the unit utilises the refrigerant gas within, boiling off at sub-zero temperatures to remove the heat from the outside air, and transfers it to either inside your home or outside your home; depending on whether you are using your system in heating or cooling mode. Your Split System does not extract air from outside, it simply makes use of the air within your home and modifies its temperature to suit your needs.

Things to Know:

A Split System Air-Conditioner is a great way to keep a certain section of your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter! Here are some facts that you may not have known…

  • A Split System is a quiet and efficient way to heat and cool a selected area of your home with no wasted airflow. You can choose the location of the indoor unit to suit where you need it the most!
  • You can program your Split System to turn on and off at your leisure – where there is even an option to control your system via your smart phone using a WI-FI add on.
  • Reverse Cycle Units run off of electricity, this means that you will be able to eliminate costs off of that pesky gas bill if you upgrade your outdated Gas Wall Furnace to an efficient Split System.
  • Unlike a Ducted Unit, you can place your new Split System/s where you will need them the most! You will not have to worry about that spare bedroom that no one uses receiving all of the airflow; your new unit will strictly heat/cool the area of your choice!