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Ducted Gas Heating Installation in Canberra

What is a ducted gas heater?

Gas ducted heating systems are commonplace in Canberra due to our freezing winters. Gas ducted heaters re-circulate the air in your home via insulated duct, the air passing through the heater and a gas fired heat exchanger to provide your home with toasty warm air all winter. 

How to choose a ducted gas heater for your home

Depending on whether you are replacing an existing ducted gas heater or installing an entire new system there are a few things to consider. 

  • I have an existing ducted gas heater:
    • Is it in the floor or in the roof?  
    • What is the condition of your existing duct?
    • Is the return air grille the correct size (new heaters generally need a larger grille)?
    • Do you have any existing zones
  • I don’t have an existing ducted gas heater:
    • Your home’s floor plan: how many levels are there? What are the dimensions of the rooms (including ceiling height)? 
    • House type (brick, weatherboard etc).
    • How many people are living in your home
    • Primary use of each area (sleeping, living, cooking, office).
    • The ceiling cavity space – if there’s limited ceiling space, you might need underfloor ducts instead
    • The roof type, is it flat, pitched, colorbond or tiled

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What features do I want?

When choosing your ducted gas heater there are a few features to consider:

  • Zones: Simple on/off zones allow you to turn off a room or part of your home that you don’t want to heat and avoid needlessly conditioning your entire home. Zones are a wonderful idea for areas you don’t use regularly, it’s worth noting that in most homes can’t switch off more than around 30% of your total outlets or you will get air noise through your duct and pressure build up.
  • Temperature Controlled Zoning: Brivis offer a zoning control system with temperature control across the various zones, ask for more information during the quoting process
  • Controls: All Brivis and Bonaire systems we install come with a user friendly controller with a 7-day timer
  • Wifi control: Bonaire and Brivis gas heaters are both available with WIFI control, if you’d like this on your quote please let us know.
  • Duct: All our gas heaters come  standard with R1.0 duct with an option to upgrade to R1.5 duct

Add-on Cooling

Add cooling to your gas ducted heater!

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What about the duct?

Ask about upgrading your gas heater to R1.5 duct (ducted gas heaters come with R1.0 duct)

Climate Master installers have all undertaken a duct installation course, ensuring a quality install every time to make sure of no energy loss and even air flow. 

Running costs & Efficiency

Most old gas heaters are between 2 and 3 stars energy rating. The image below highlights the benefits of upgrading your old gas heater to a high efficiency 6-star gas ducted heater.