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Ducted Reverse Heating and Cooling Installation in Canberra

What is a reverse cycle system?

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is divided into two main sections; an outdoor unit that handles air processing and an indoor unit that distributes the air throughout the house. However, it’s distinct from split system air conditioning; while split systems are usually focused solely on one room, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is also attached to a system of insulated ducts. These ducts can then distribute warm or cool air to each room in the home, via ceiling or floor outlets. 

So when you opt for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installation, you’re choosing a whole-of-home solution. These systems are most commonly seen in homes and townhouses, rather than apartments due to the space they take up within the walls, roofing or beneath the floor. However, they’re energy-efficient once installed; they’re electric-based and incorporate both heating and cooling systems. So opting for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installation can be a complementary companion for any solar panels you may have installed into your home. 

Choosing a ducted reverse cycle system for your home

Thinking about retrofitting a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner in your current home?  There are a number of important points to be taken into consideration beforehand. 

  • Your home’s floor plan raises a number of important questions about the scale of the system you might require. For example, how many levels are there and do you want them all to be part of the same system? The size of the rooms is also a factor in how effectively each can be heated or cooled.
  • Large ducted systems may also require three-phase power, which may add additional expense both during installation and as part of its ongoing costs. 
  • Whether your house is built out of brick, weatherboard or another material influences the ease of installing a ducted system, as accessibility may be difficult in some instances. Additionally, if your ceiling cavity space is limited, you may need to opt for underfloor ducts instead.
  • The placement of your outdoor unit is also a key consideration. Realistically, it will need to be installed somewhere noise can be minimised, so it doesn’t disturb you or your neighbours. 

These are some of the key decisions and challenges that we can help you with at Climate Master; for more than 25 years, we’ve been installing air conditioning systems in and around Canberra, so we’re well-equipped with the expertise to help you and your family with a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installation.

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What features do I want?

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners can be heavily customisable, in order to better suit your home. So there are a few features of the system that you may wish to consider:

  • On/Off Zones — Simple on/off zones allow you to turn off a room or section of your home that you don’t want to heat or cool, avoiding needlessly conditioning your entire home and wasting energy in the process. 
  • Smart Zoning — Eliminate hot and cold rooms, save energy and give yourself the ultimate air conditioning convenience. You can bring your air conditioning into the future with remote access via smartphone. You can also create individualised temperatures in each zone, while also having the ability to turn any zone on or off.

Duct Quality — We install your system with a premium R1.5 duct, well above the industry standard. Additionally, all Climate Master installers have undertaken a duct installation course, which ensures airflow is delivered evenly throughout your home. Energy loss is kept to a minimum, saving you money in the process.

Smart Zoning!

Add smart zoning to your ducted reverse cycle system for temperature control in each room

Smart Zoning

What about the duct?

Don’t underestimate the duct! We only use R1.5 insulated duct and ensure it is installed to AS 4254, Australian Standards. Many others use R1.0 or even as low as R0.6 duct. Better yet, all Climate Master installers have undertaken a duct installation course, this ensures energy loss is kept to a minimum and air flow is delivered evenly throughout your home.

Running costs & Efficiency

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are highly energy-efficient. For every unit (kW) of electricity used, they will usually produce 3-3.5 kW of heating or cooling.

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