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Bonaire air conditioning systems

Made in South Australia, Bonaire has provided world-class heating and cooling products to Aussie homes for over 60 years. As a premier dealer of Bonaire air conditioning services in Canberra, our team at Climate Master has experience installing a wide range of products, including ducted gas heating, systems evaporative coolers and split system air conditioning.

As your local ACT specialist for Bonaire air conditioning, your search for “Bonaire air conditioning services near me” is over — Climate Master is here for installation, repairs and servicing whenever you need it. If you need a repair or service, Request a service online and we’ll be there to help right away.

Industry leaders in evaporative cooling and ducted gas heaters

Bonaire is one of Climate Master’s favourite air conditioning manufacturers. It is well known in the industry for their use of well-proven technology to create intelligent, user-friendly systems that maximise efficiency whilst being affordable to own and operate. Additionally, all Bonaire products are ISO 9001 accredited, meaning that all of the manufacturing procedures and processes used to create their products are strictly controlled and regulated.

In short, Bonaire air conditioning is a name that is synonymous with quality and innovation, and Climate Master are proud to be the number one Bonaire service center in Canberra. Our expert team can help you choose and install the right evaporative cooler or ducted reverse cycle system to help keep you cool during the hot summer months.

Service, maintenance and repair of Bonaire air conditioning in Canberra

As one of just a few Bonaire suppliers in Canberra, we’re uniquely equipped to provide you with an ideal air conditioning setup. So whether you’re looking to service your Bonaire gas heater or install an evaporative cooler, our team at Climate Master has the knowledge and expert advice to help you maintain or choose the right system for your home. As the Bonaire cooling service specialist, we also offer an annual air conditioning servicing on your Bonaire system to help maintain it at peak performance.

Our Bonaire air conditioning service is quick and affordable, and with easy access to spare parts, we’ll make sure your Bonaire air conditioning is always keeping you comfortable. Give us a call today or request a quote online to find out how we can install a Bonaire system for you.


How often should I service my Bonaire unit?

A residential air conditioning service should be carried out at least once, but preferably twice a year — once before summer and once before winter. Air conditioning servicing helps ensure your unit is running smoothly, and that all parts are in good condition.

Is an evaporative cooler or refrigerated unit easier for maintenance?

Both a Bonaire evaporative cooler service and refrigerated unit services take around the same amount of time to complete, and both should be carried out by a qualified professional. Maintenance periods to ensure it is always in the best condition are the same — once to twice a year.

Should I keep the doors open or closed when trying to control the temperature of my home?

With a refrigerated unit, you should keep everything closed to stop cool air from escaping, but for an evaporative cooler, you will need some air flow from open windows to see the best results. This is because evaporative air conditioning works through the replacement of the air in your home to provide additional cooling.

Can my Bonaire air conditioner heat my house in winter?

That depends on the model you have chosen. At Climate Master, we proudly offer Bonaire gas heaters and ducted heating systems for extra help in keeping your house comfortable on the colder days. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any question about the capability of your current Bonaire unit or if you need a Bonaire ducted heating service in preparation for winter.

What should I do if my evaporative cooler doesn’t seem to be keeping the house cool?

If you feel like your evaporative cooler or air conditioner isn’t doing much against the summer heat, then it’s time to call Climate Master and book our air conditioning repair service. We’ll get everything running smoothly in no time!

When looking for a Bonaire service centre, look no further than Climate Master. We are Canberra’s specialist for all Bonaire heating and cooling products and can get your Bonaire evaporative cooler service in no time at all.

What Bonaire equipment can Climate Master service?

As an official Bonaire supplier, there is nothing we can’t handle. Along with working on evaporative coolers, we can carry out a Bonaire gas heater service, smart zone system servicing, and other Bonaire cooling servicing needs.

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