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Bonaire Air Conditioning Systems

Bonaire is one of the market leaders in gas ducted heaters and evaporative cooling products. Made in South Australia, Bonaire has provided world-class heating and cooling products to Aussie homes for over 60 years. As a premier dealer of Bonaire air conditioning in Canberra, installing their products is one of our favourite things to do! 

Their products offer great value for money and their ongoing after-sales support makes them a great choice. As your local Canberra specialist for Bonaire air conditioning, Climate Master is here for installation, repairs and servicing whenever you need it.

Industry leaders in Evaporative cooling and ducted gas heaters

Bonaire is one of Climate Master’s favourite air conditioning manufacturers. They use proven technology to create intelligent, user-friendly systems that maximise efficiency whilst being affordable to own and operate. All of their products are ISO 9001 accredited, so all of the manufacturing procedures and processes are strictly controlled. 

Bonaire air conditioning is a name that is synonymous with quality and innovation, and Climate Master are proud to be the number one choice for Bonaire systems in Canberra.

Service, maintenance and repair of Bonaire air conditioning in Canberra

As one of just a few Bonaire suppliers in Canberra, we’re uniquely equipped to provide you with an ideal air conditioning set-up. So if you’re looking to replace your Bonaire gas heater or evaporative cooler, then Climate Master has the knowledge and expert advice to help you choose the right system for your home.

We can also complete the annual maintenance on your Bonaire system and assist with repairs. Just get in touch, and we’ll send one of our factory-trained service technicians to diagnose the issue. With easy access to spare parts, we’ll make sure your Bonaire air conditioning in Canberra is always keeping you comfortable — so give us a call today to find out how we can install one for you.

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