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Rinnai Air Conditioning

Rinnai air conditioning systems 

You might already be familiar with Rinnai for their high-quality hot water systems all over Australia and around the world. They’re known globally for their commitment to quality and for their highly reliable products. But did you know that Rinnai in Australia has air conditioning products too? Under both their Rinnai and Brivis brands, we’re able to install complete systems such as Rinnai ducted air conditioning or split systems, according to your specific needs. 

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If you’ve been considering upgrading your current system — or are looking at installing a system for the first time — the team at Climate Master can help. With decades of experience working in the local area, we’re equipped to help you find the right solution for your specific setting, whether that’s your home or business. 

Here at Climate Master, we’re a team of Rinnai Trusted Specialists. That means we have the product knowledge and experience to help you find the right Rinnai ducted air conditioning or split system for your home. We can carry out Rinnai ducted air conditioning installation and much more, providing you with the confidence that you’re buying the right system for your specific needs. We pride ourselves on offering nothing but the best to our customers.

Over the years, Climate Master and Rinnai have worked closely together; while they’re a global company, they also support us as a local business that serves our local community. Rinnai is also continually innovating and expanding their product range — so we’re looking forward to working with them for many years to come. 

Rinnai service, maintenance and repair

Climate Master can perform regular maintenance and service on your Rinnai split system or Rinnai ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. If your Rinnai split system or Rinnai ducted reverse cycle system has an issue, click below and book in one of our technicians to address the issue.

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Here at Climate Master, we offer detailed, in-person service on all of our sales and installations. We’ll be able to talk you through which model of Rinnai air conditioner will provide you with a quote for the best possible solution for your home or business. Additionally, we’re able to carry out all of the relevant after-sales support, as well as Rinnai air conditioning service and maintenance

Importantly, we’re also local Canberrans, having serviced the local community for decades. We’re well aware of the unique needs and resident requirements in the area. We can work with you to find a system that will help you stay comfortable all year round, no matter what the weather might be. So why not get in touch with the team at Climate Master today? 




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