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What happens when we service your Split System?

Regularly servicing your split system will ensure it runs efficiently and lasts longer. Annual servicing and preventative maintenance will ensure your system is working when you need it most, the last thing you need is a broken Split System on a 40 degree summer day or a cold July night.

With Canberra’s cold winters, brutal summers and recent bushfire smoke it is more important than ever before to have your Split System Air Conditioner serviced and cleaned every year!

If you have numerous split systems, a discount applied for having multiple systems done at once.


Climate Master - 11 Point Split System Service
Tighten Gas & Electrical Connections
Check Amp Draws & Voltage on Motors and Circuits
Check Fan Operation
Check Operating Pressures of Refrigerant Gas
Check Running Operation
Clean Filters
Heating - Supply Air Temp Check
Cooling - Supply Air Temp Check
Remove and Clean Debris from Outdoor Unit
Check Condensate Drain
Check Pipe Insulation

Split System Stopped Working?

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