Family enjoying the air conditioning


How to choose an installer

Buying a new air conditioner can be a little bit daunting, we’re here to help and want you to know what’s important when choosing an air conditioning company to supply and install a new air conditioner in your home!

  1. Check for online reviews – Online reviews are a great gauge for engaging any new product or service, air conditioning is no different.
  2. Ensure they are certified and licensed – Most air conditioning companies are licensed, but like most industries there are some people that don’t follow the rules. Always check for licenses. 
  3. Look for companies that supply and install – Support a local, reputable company that offers supply and installation, when you buy a system from a national big box retailer and get an ‘average Joe’ to install it, you open yourself to risks of a poor quality install and poor after sales service.
  4. Go for a company that delivers quality services over the price – Does it sound too good to be true? It probably is, consider the overheads and cost of providing a quality install and after sales service that you need when investing in an air conditioner. 
  5. Customer service – Look for a company that has a dedicated customer service team, they’ll be able to help should something ever go wrong with your air conditioner. 

What system should I get installed?

Choosing an air conditioner is a personal decision, there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing which system is for you. If you are unsure, have at the brief summery of each air conditioning system below to get you started. 

Air Conditioning Installation in Canberra