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Smart Zoning Systems Installation in Canberra

What is smart zoning?

Smart zoning is the perfect companion for your new ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. Smart zoning provides temperature control and on/off operation in each zone. Meaning you can be enjoying a comfortable 20 degrees in your lounge room on a hot summers day while the spare room you never use has the door closed and the zone off.

Smart zoning also helps reduce thermal impacts in your home, that hot room on the western side of your house will continue calling for cool air from your new ducted system until it reaches temperature. 

WIFI operation means you can adjust temperatures and turn off zones from your phone both from the comfort of your lounge or remotely when you are out and about.


Benefits of smart zoning

  • Temperature control: Set different temperatures in every room with up to 16 zones!
  • Turn any room on or off: Turn any room on or off at any time (Keep in mind approximately half your home needs to be on at all times)
  • Remote access: Turn your entire system or individual zones on or off and change temperatures from anywhere via your smart phone
  • Make a smaller system go further: If your homes structures (roof spaces etc.) limit the size of system that will fit then a smart zoning system can help 


Temperature control in each room

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Can I add smart zoning to my existing system?

As most older systems can’t support smart zoning, generally speaking this can’t be done – we also have to make a lot of modifications to your duct. Give Climate Master a call and we can let you know if this is possible for your system!

Running costs & Efficiency

Smart zoning harnesses the thermal energy in your home and means you can stop heating and cooling unused areas of your  home, decreasing your running costs and energy consumption!