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Smart Zoning Systems Installation in Canberra


A smart zoning system is an excellent way to enhance your new ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. It enables you to provide temperature control and on/off operation in each designated “zone” of your house. So, for example, you can enjoy a comfortable 20 degrees in your lounge room on a hot summer’s day, while the unused spare room has its door closed and the zone off. 

This also helps reduce the thermal impact on your home; different areas in your home typically tend to cool and heat at different rates, particularly during the day when they’re exposed to the sun from different angles. Smart zoning can help address this issue and allow the relevant part of your home to stay at a comfortable temperature, no matter the time of day or year. 

Your smart zoning system can also be attached to your wi-fi, allowing you to  adjust temperatures and turn off zones from your phone — both from the comfort of your lounge or remotely when you are out and about. So when you arrive back home, you can rest assured that the right part of your house will be exactly the right temperature.


Smart zoning systems use a network of sensors and controls to regulate the temperature and airflow in different building areas. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

  • Sensors — The system’s sensors monitor the temperature and humidity levels in different building zones, whether in each room, hallway or other designated areas.
  • Controls — The system’s controls regulate each zone’s heating, cooling and ventilation systems based on the sensor readings. These controls include motorised dampers, thermostats and HVAC controllers.
  • Zoning — The building’s different zones each have its own set of sensors and controls. This allows for individualised temperature control in each zone rather than heating or cooling the entire building at once.
  • Programming — You can program your system to adjust the temperature and airflow based on your needs. 
  • Integration — You can integrate your smart zoning system with your Wi-Fi to provide a seamless user experience.

A smart zoning system’s advanced sensors and controls create a customised, energy-efficient and comfortable indoor environment.


Smart zoning places you in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling the temperature in your home. We’re firm believers that you should be able to create an environment that suits the various members of your family according to their own needs and preferences. 

  • Temperature control — Smart zoning systems provide individualised temperature control in different areas or “zones” of your home or building based on occupancy, time of day and outside weather conditions. This results in greater comfort for building occupants and can help reduce complaints about temperature variations. With up to 16 zones available, your family can establish their own comfort levels.
  • Better flexibility — With up to half the house able to be switched off at one time, you can control which rooms are being heated or cooled. This allows for greater flexibility in the building space and can be particularly beneficial in buildings with multiple tenants.
  • Remote access — Adjust the temperature, turn your entire system or individual zones on and off from anywhere, via your smartphone.
  • Make a smaller system go further — If your home’s structures (e.g. available roof or wall space) limit the size of the air conditioning system that will fit, a smart zoning system can help you use your system more effectively. It can ensure that only the right areas of your home are being heated or cooled.
  • Running costs and efficiency — Smart zoning harnesses the thermal energy in your home. It means you can stop heating and cooling unused areas of your home, which helps decrease your running costs and energy consumption. This significantly reduces energy usage, resulting in lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. These savings can be used to offset the initial cost of installing the system.
  • Improved property value and resale potential — A smart zone system can improve property value by enhancing a home’s comfort, convenience and energy efficiency. They use advanced technology to regulate the temperature and airflow in different home zones, providing greater control and customisation of the indoor climate. The potential for lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment can be attractive to prospective buyers and increase the property’s resale value.

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Can I add smart zoning to my existing system?

It varies. Many older systems aren’t effectively equipped to support smart zoning. Additionally, the ducting will typically need to be modified or replaced. However, get in touch with Climate Master — we’ll be able to give you a clear picture of whether your system can be modified to add smart zoning.

Running costs & Efficiency

Our smart zoning system installation in Canberra harnesses the thermal energy in your home. It means you can stop heating and cooling unused areas of your home, decreasing your running costs and energy consumption!

Easy installation for you

At Climate Master, we ensure that your system is installed, serviced, and repaired by qualified professionals. All our installers have completed a duct installation course and have the experience needed to get your zoned air conditioning system set up when you need it. 

We take pride in delivering prompt and professional services, so once you pay your deposit, you enter a queue-based system that secures your position. Climate Master will keep you informed of all wait times during the quotation process and keep you up to date as we proceed. 

Many retailers won’t offer installation in the package. That’s why it is best to purchase your system from a trusted installer. We only install quality brands that we supply, so make sure to speak to our staff for a comprehensive quote so we can deliver the best solution for you. Climate Master will make sure that your system is set up so that you can immediately make use of your zoned air conditioning system. 

Our services also come with a 12-month installation warranty. So you can rest assured that when we provide you with a product, we’re there for the long haul. Our experience in servicing and repairing means that your system will be up and running for years to come.

Get your home into the smart zone today!

Climate Master has been providing air conditioning solutions to Canberra for more than 25 years. So if you’re looking for a smart zoning installation in Canberra, reach out to the experts today — we’ll be more than happy to provide you with the information you need to get your home smart zoned as soon as possible. 


How do I enable smart zoning?

Once we provide our expert smart zoning installation, you’ll be able to easily control the temperature levels in individual rooms in your house. Whether you want to control your system via a standard control panel or through Wi-Fi on your smartphone, you’ll have many options. 

What is the main advantage of smart zoning?

Convenience! A smart zoned air conditioning system allows you to conveniently and efficiently control the temperature of your home in zones. That means that you can cool or heat separate rooms in your house individually of each other, creating a perfect environment for your whole family — regardless of their preferences. This is all possible at the touch of a button! Our smart zoning installation system means that you can use your smartphone as an air conditioning zone controller. Depending on the size of your property, we have up to 16 zones available for custom temperature control at one time, so you won’t be disappointed with the ease of access that we can provide for you. 

Why is zoning needed in an air conditioning system?

Smart zoning for your air conditioning system is all about convenience and control. If you’ve ever had issues with one room being too cold, too hot, or felt like you were wasting electricity by changing the temperature of a room no one is in, smart zoning is the solution for you.

Can you add zones to an existing HVAC system?

It depends on the system, as many older systems aren’t equipped to handle smart zoning. To add zones to an existing HVAC system, a technician will assess the ductwork and determine the best locations for the zone control dampers and thermostats. They will then install and connect the zone control system to the existing HVAC equipment.

Adding zones to an existing HVAC system may require modifications to the ductwork and other components, which can be complex. We strongly suggest consulting our qualified technicians at Climate Master to ensure your system is properly installed and configured for optimal performance.

What are the benefits of a smart zoning system installation in Canberra?

There are several benefits of our smart zoning system installation in Canberra, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency — A smart zone system improves energy efficiency by allowing you only to heat or cool the areas of your home that need it to help reduce energy waste and lower your utility bills.
  • Foster a comfortable home environment — A smart zone system provides precise control over the temperature and airflow in different areas of your home to eliminate hot or cold spots.
  • Longer lifespan for your smart zone system — Since the system only heats or cools the required zones, it doesn’t have to work as hard, which can reduce the risk of breakdowns and extend its lifespan.