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What happens when we service your Gas Heater?

To ensure your gas heater is running efficiently and safely, it should be serviced annually by a qualified gas service technician. Our 11-Point Gas Heater Service will keep your heater running smoothly winter after winter, ensuring safe, warm and clean air is circulated throughout your home.

Our technicians check gas pressures and the gas valve to ensure a clean, efficient burn, complete a carbon monoxide test to ensure your safety and make sure your duct is in good condition.

Government bodies, such as Energy Safe Victoria recommend having regular service of Gas Heating products so reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can be caused by faulty gas appliances.

Climate Master - 11 Point Gas Heater Service
Clean ignitor
Clean Flame Sensors
Clean Burner Chamber
Clean ignition and burners
Check air mixture on gas valve
Check burner gas pressure
Check and clean return air filter
Check ductwork
Check thermostat operation
Remove debris from inside and outside of heater
Perform Co test and reading

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