Gas Heating versus Electric Heating & Cooling

Gas Heating versus Electric Heating & Cooling

26 Feb 21 | By Climate Master

Decisions, Decisions…

Deciding on whether to convert from Gas to Electric Heating can be a tough choice and there are multiple factors to consider that we will discuss. However, there are some great rebates that you may be eligible for to help you decide!

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Things to know before making the change

Making the move from Gas Heating to Electric Heating includes a wide range of benefits but there are also some changes you will need to adapt to!

Solar power + Electric heating/cooling = perfect match

As Roof-Top Solar has become an increasingly popular addition to Canberra homes, many Canberran’s are logically upgrading their outdated Ducted Gas Heater’s and Wall Furnaces to Electric Split System’s or Ducted Reverse Cycle systems! Solar Power and Electric Heating/Cooling go hand in hand, heat your home in winter using an energy source you can produce yourself, use your system during the day (you might even be working from home!) to maximise your usage and reduce your export to the grid.

You’ll be covered all year round

Not only do you get a brand-new and high efficiency Heater if you switch to Reverse Cycle, but the System will also complete both the Heating and Cooling for your home – where you can be comfortable all year round knowing that the single unit can fulfill all your heating and cooling needs.

Run it all the time!

Believe it or not, a Reverse Cycle System actually works best when it is running continuously! You will not need to turn the unit on and off multiple times a day when you would like to use it. You can simply adjust the temperature to suit your needs and relax knowing that the system is varying its own power usage to adapt to the range of weather conditions that Canberra experiences.  

Electric takes a little bit longer to heat up your home

Electric Heating is not as hot as Gas Heating, but that is to be expected! The fundamentals of a Gas Heater is simply a fan blowing over an open flame of natural gas – so as you can imagine, it is HOT! Electric Heating on the other hand, will take longer to heat up your home as the system uses refrigerant to produce heat. Air passes through the system’s coil and uses this refrigerant gas to allow it to produce warm air for Winter and cool air for Summer. The system will still heat your home and keep you toasty warm, it just won’t get your place to temperature as quickly as gas. This is another reason as to why it is great option to let your system run continuously.

Things you may notice with a ducted reverse cycle

When your Reverse Cycle System is in Heating Mode, sometimes it will blow air for about 10 seconds over a short period of time. It can be a little bit distracting, yet this process is called ‘Air Sampling’, and is part of the systems normal operation. Particularly when it is cold outside, the outdoor unit will become frosty and ice can form around the coil. At this time, the system will steal some heat from inside and defrost itself, meaning it will blow cooler air for a few minutes whilst this cycle is completed. You may also notice a pool of water surrounding the outdoor unit during this time, this is nothing to worry about as it is simply the ice that we just mentioned beginning to meltdown. Running your system consistently will help to reduce the impacts of the defrost cycle and allow your new system to run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

So, is reverse cycle right for me?

Well, there are certainly some changes to understand and adjust to! Please feel free to contact one of our friendly team members here at Climate Master to talk you through your options and provide you with a Quote?

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