Tell me about Gas Ducted Heaters!

Tell me about Gas Ducted Heaters!

12 Mar 21 | By Climate Master

Ducted Gas Heaters

It is no surprise that Ducted Gas Heaters remain a top choice in how Canberran’s choose to heat their family homes. A Ducted Gas Heater system is guaranteed to keep your home toasty throughout Canberra’s cold Winter season! From the press of a button, you can feel the instant relief of the cold shivers as your Gas Heater comes to life and begins to quickly heat your home.

However, there are a few factors to consider when installing a new Ducted Gas Heater! Our team are here to help answer any questions that you may have, simply click the ‘Request A Quote’ link on our Website and talk to one of our friendly team members today!

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.”

Ducted Gas Heaters have been heating Canberra’s homes for decades and they are great at what they do! As time has passed and new options of heating and cooling have been introduced, Gas Heaters have remained a top contender. Here at Climate Master, we supply and install the top brands of Brivis and Bonaire; where we can comfortably say that as the years have gone by, Ducted Gas Heaters have kept up in efficiency, versatility and performance. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more about our range of new Ducted Gas Heaters and the costs involved.

What Exactly Is A Gas Ducted Heating System?

A Ducted Gas Heater is a natural gas-based system, where the fundamentals of the unit can be described as a fan blowing over an open flame of gas; and as you can imagine, it is HOT! Yet this is exactly why it is so desirable for Canberra homeowners!

Your Ducted Gas Heater operates by taking the cold air that is within your home to run over the units heat exchanger within and redistributes the new hot air throughout your ducting to be released straight into your desired rooms. Once your unit helps to get your home to your chosen temperature, it will then turn itself off so that your home does not overheat.

Can I Get Cooling With My Ducted Gas?

The short answer is yes. Although your Ducted Gas Heater cannot complete both the heating and cooling for your home, there is the possibility of installing an Add-On Cooler to your Heater provided it is compatible.

An Add-On Cooler is a separate system to your Gas Heater that runs off of refrigerant and relies on larger than standard duct to operate! If you want to keep your Gas Heater yet add cooling to your home that is not Evaporative, speak to our team about the options you may have!

Facts You Need to Know!

Whilst a Ducted Gas Heater is a great way to heat your home, it also requires annual maintenance checks from our licensed and experienced Gas Technician’s. Gas Heaters can quickly become a hazard to your family if they are not looked after correctly. At Climate Master, our Technician’s will complete a full service and maintenance check on your system when requested every year, ultimately to ensure that your Gas Heater is running as safely and efficiently as possible.