When should I get my gas heater serviced?

When should I get my gas heater serviced?

23 Feb 21 | By Climate Master

March is the time to book your gas heater in for service!

Things can get a bit crazy during Canberra’s cold winters and it’s important to have you gas heater serviced every year.

We highly recommend booking your Ducted Gas Heater in for an Annual Service around the month of March! By this time, our Canberra weather will be starting to cool down, becoming the perfect temperature for our Technician’s to jump into your roof or under your floor and ensure that your Heater is ready to work hard in Winter.

Not only does an Annual Service prepare your system for the upcoming season, it can also expose any potential issues that may prevent your unit from functioning right when you need it the most!

If you can’t have your Heater serviced prior to the Winter period, don’t stress – You can still use your system before it is serviced and book in for a time that suits you.

By making an appointment prior to April, we will have plenty of availability. Yet if you request your Service throughout the peak season, there is a good chance you will have to wait a little bit before we can attend.