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What happens when we service your Gas Heater?

To ensure efficient and safe running, you should get a gas heating service annually by a qualified gas service technician. Our 11-Point gas heater maintenance will keep your heater running smoothly winter after winter, ensuring safe, warm and clean air is circulated throughout your home.

Our technicians check gas pressures and the gas valve to ensure a clean, efficient burn, complete a carbon monoxide test to ensure your safety and make sure your duct is in good condition.

Government bodies, such as Energy Safe Victoria recommend an annual gas heating service to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can be caused by faulty gas appliances.


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Gas heater maintenance for a longer service life

Keeping everything in good condition with periodic gas central heating maintenance will mean you are less likely to need a gas heater repair or replacement. Keeping on schedule with your gas heater maintenance could mean adding several more years of life to your system before you need a complete replacement. A new heating system is a significant investment, and with good maintenance you can choose when to get a new heating system, rather than needing an urgent gas heater repair in the middle of a cold winter night. As an added bonus, a ducted heating service keeps your system running at maximum efficiency, saving you money on bills.

The best gas central heating service in Canberra

When looking for a gas ducted heating service you want a qualified, experienced professional who is recommended by people you know. Climate Master and our service partner Climate Plus are the most-reviewed AC companies in Canberra so take a look at our Google My Business page and see why people recommend us. In addition, we have over 20 years of experience in gas heating system maintenance and installation, and all of our trades people are qualified and licensed for the work they will be carrying out. When you book a gas heating service with Climate Plus, you can have complete confidence that the job will be done quickly and safely.

Quick fixes on your ducted heating service

Typically a gas heating service only takes an hour. If we find anything that needs a fix and our technician has the parts required to fix the problem there and then, they will do so with your permission. If your gas heater repair is more complex, we will prepare you a full quote so you know exactly what will be required and how long it takes. Give us a call and book your service today.

Climate Master - 11 Point Gas Heater Service
Clean ignitor
Clean Flame Sensors
Clean Burner Chamber
Clean ignition and burners
Check air mixture on gas valve
Check burner gas pressure
Check and clean return air filter
Check ductwork
Check thermostat operation
Remove debris from inside and outside of heater
Perform Co test and reading