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What happens when we service your Evaporative Cooler?

We recommend your Evaporative Cooler is serviced annually. With weather conditions becoming more variable in Canberra the need for servicing is more important than ever. Bushfires and dust storms will clog your Evaporative Cooler and decrease the air quality coming into your home, which is why it needs a thorough clean and check every year.

Furthermore, an annual evaporative air conditioning service decreases the chance of an inconvenient midsummer breakdown as our skilled technicians will check all the parts and functions of your cooler.

Be ready for summer with our evaporative cooler maintenance

Whether you suspect your evaporative cooler is not working correctly or you just want your unit to be ready for use when summer strikes, Climate Master can help. With an 11-step process of evaporative cooler maintenance in Canberra we can make sure your cooler is working at maximum efficiency, giving you that comfortable cool air flow throughout your house. An evaporative cooler service starts with the basics; clearing debris and dirty water from the system before checking the pumps and fans, and finally confirming that electronics like the thermostat are working correctly. After a Climate Master evaporative air conditioning service you can rest assured knowing your home will stay cool even when the temperature rises.

Best rated evaporative cooler repair in the area

Climate Master has 20 years of experience carrying out evaporative cooler maintenance and installation in Canberra. When your evaporative air conditioner is broken you don’t want to spend hours trying to find a good company. Since our Google My Business page is the most reviewed page in the area you don’t have to – with so many positive reviews, you know that you will be satisfied when you call Climate Master for evaporative air conditioner maintenance. We give you a fair and affordable evaporative cooling service cost, and most service jobs will be completed within an hour. It is easier than ever to get your annual evaporative cooler service completed on schedule.

Book in your service right away

Don’t wait until your evaporative cooler is not working. During peak periods over summer there can sometimes be a 3-4 week wait before a technician is free to help you. The best option is to book our evaporative air conditioning service in advance for the beginning of summer, so contact us straight away to confirm your slot.

Climate Master 11-Point Evaporative Cooler Service
Remove and clean debris from inside and outside of unit
Remove and drain dirty water from system
Remove and clean filters
Clean drain pan
Test and check pump
Test and check dump valve
Test and check fan
Test and check float switch
Check solenoid
Check duct connections and inspect duct
Check thermostat operation

Evaporative Cooler stopped working?

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