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What happens when we service your Split System?

Having a regular split system air conditioner service will ensure it runs efficiently and lasts longer. Annual servicing and preventative maintenance will ensure your system is working when you need it most, the last thing you need is a broken split system on a 40 degree summer day or a cold July night.

With Canberra’s cold winters, brutal summers and recent bushfire smoke it is more important than ever before to get a split system air conditioner service and clean annually!

If you have numerous split systems, a discount applied for having multiple systems done at once.

Split system cleaning and maintenance

A split system is a great choice for independently setting the temperature of different rooms, and it can be incredibly efficient. A split system service is also quite simple as there are no ducts to clean out. Climate Master’s split system maintenance is an 11 step process that includes cleaning the filters on the indoor unit and the debris from the outdoor unit. A split system aircon service will leave you with an indoor unit that runs quieter and uses less energy to cool or heat your room, saving you money as well as making you more comfortable.

Split system repair or replacement

The Climate Master team is made up of certified and licensed trades people who know their way around split air conditioning systems. If you suspect your split system is not working correctly, call us for a split system repair, regardless of whether you have a single or multiple split system. We will find and fix the problem quickly. Should the worst happen, and you need to replace your air conditioning system, we are qualified to carry out split system installation and have a range of split systems for you to choose from.

20 years of experience in split system maintenance

Climate Master is the go-to company for a split system air conditioner service because of our fair prices, decades of experience and frequent recommendations. In fact, our Google My Business page is the most reviewed in all of Canberra, so you know that a split system cleaning from our team will be carried out professionally. You should book in a split system service sooner rather than later. Not only will it save you on heating and cooling bills, but it will help your air conditioning system to last longer. Give us a call today and get your split system air conditioner service booked in.

Climate Master - 11 Point Split System Service
Tighten Gas & Electrical Connections
Check Amp Draws & Voltage on Motors and Circuits
Check Fan Operation
Check Operating Pressures of Refrigerant Gas
Check Running Operation
Clean Filters
Heating - Supply Air Temp Check
Cooling - Supply Air Temp Check
Remove and Clean Debris from Outdoor Unit
Check Condensate Drain
Check Pipe Insulation

Split System Stopped Working?

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